No Name: a theatrical adaptation of the Wilkie Collins novel

Wilkie CollinsWealthy sisters Norah and Magdalen find themselves homeless, penniless, and even nameless after the sudden and tragic death of their parents. Norah copes by seeking a humble living as a governess, while Magdalen embarks on a scandalous life in the theatre, followed by a fraudulent marriage, capped off by a demeaning stint as a servant, all to win back the family fortune and the family name. Victorian morality lesson? Or ironic commentary from a novelist whose own lifestyle was anything but old-fashioned? 100 minutes, 5 locations,14 characters, 7 actors (4F/3M)

Boy Small

Boy Small Fine PrintBoy and Sissy are coming of age in a troubled home. They’ve created their own brand of family under the eye of their frustrated father and his self-obsessed second wife. But when Boy embarks on his most extreme bid for freedom, their bond is severed and the family is transformed. “A very engrossing telling of a true tragedy, but doesn’t paint it as such. The play simply tries to turn monsters into people.” (Chicago Theatre Review) 90 minutes, single location, 5 characters (3F/2M).

Premiered at The Fine Print Theatre at Red Tape Theatre in Chicago, IL, August 23, 2013, director Patrick Kenney.  Also received staged reading at Chicago Dramatists Saturday Series, May 4, 2013.

St. George on the Bus

citizens st georgeAn ostensibly religious woman and her vehemently atheist daughter struggle with the implications of a possible miracle — the sudden materialization of a crummy family painting on a city bus. 40 minutes, single location, 2 characters (2F).

Finalist, The Fine Print Theatre’s Citizens Play Festival, July 2013, dir. Skye Robinson Hillis. Excerpt featured in Chicago Dramatists Scene Shop Showcase, Dec 17, 2012, dir. Diane Dorsey.

Twin Set

twinset imageIn a church basement, Betty and her sister Meggy are happily decorating a float for the town parade. At 30 and 32, the two work together, dress identically, and share an adorable one-bedroom apartment. They seem impervious to everything outside the life they’ve created together. But when old schoolmate Marnie storms in demanding help with her own tumultuous life, their idyllic world is transformed into something more exciting and violent. 90 minutes, 3 locations, 3 characters (3F).

Project partially funded by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency. Excerpt featured in Chicago Dramatists Scene Shop Showcase, May 20, 2013, dir. Stephanie Stroud.

Dance for Beginners

Dance For Beginners AstonRepA dance-infused comic drama about new starts and old regrets. Failed-dancer Lisa opens a dance school and hires a drifter calling himself Dante as instructor. When divorce-weary Pauline signs up for class, the stage is set for a delicate lover’s triangle – until Dante’s big brother stomps on everyone’s toes demanding justice.  85 minutes, single location, 4 characters (2F/2M).

Staged reading presented in AstonRep Theatre company’s 5th Annual Writers Series, July 2013, dir. Dann Foss. Excerpt featured in Chicago Womens Theatre Alliance New Play Development Workshop, June 13, 2012, dir. Emmi Hilger.

Eye of the Sandman

SANDMAN_OnDemandNatalie is a lovely young one-eyed bride-to-be with the world at her feet. She’s just inherited a mansion, her fiancé can’t wait to marry her, and the bridesmaids are taking care of every detail. But no sooner do her friends show up to do the wedding right when everything goes wrong. Family secrets, forbidden desires, and squeaky gears collide in an eye-poppin’ tale that asks: if a wedding occurs and no one sees it, did anyone really get married? “Scooby-Doo (minus the dog) camp meets Wes Ander­son irony: a pitch-perfect late show.”

Premiered at Gene Siskel Film Center, Nov 2009. A viewer at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival wrote, “You get the prize for Most Memorable Line in a Rev Film: ‘When I realized his ambition was polished on the grindstone of evil, it was too late!’” We’re also proud that the unique look of the film won it an award for Best Costumes at the Strasburg International-Nomadic Tendencies Film Festival. 85 minutes, single location (really), 6 characters (3F/3M).

Dorian GrayThe Picture of Dorian Gray

A radio theatre adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s novel. This piece takes us through Dorian’s journey from inside his own mind. ‘Cause radio can do that. 60 minutes, 15 characters/5 voice actors (2F/3M).

Premiered October 2005 with Flying Leap Radio Theatre, commissioned by Shapeshifters Theatre, dir. Adam Moe.

Earth to Margaret: a rose-colored musical

Earth to Margaret at AcornA musical comedy about a video store clerk trying to hold on to her old life while time and technology rip it away. When the store is forced to close, Margaret and her small band of co-workers and customers try to move on, with varying results. 90 minutes, 10 songs, single location, 3 characters (3F/3M).

Premiered at The Acorn Theatre, Three Oaks, MI, April 2, 2005, dir. MT Cozzola, musical dir. Adam Busch. Also received a workshop production at Donny’s Skybox, May 2003, dir. Spike Kunetz, musical director Adam Busch.

Bony Fish

seahorse Bony FishA soulful young woman in search of herself is waylaid by an impulsive go-getter who decides after one week that he’s met his ideal mate. “An interesting collection of truthful, amusing discussions: men discuss women, women discuss men, parents discuss their children and vice versa. Cozzola demonstrates a wonderful ear for dialogue and the natural humor of family and romantic situations. “ (Chicago Reader)

Premiered at Bailiwick Theatre (produced by Lid Productions) May 19, 2000, dir. Jonathan Browning.

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